Let’s Find Out How Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri Met!

The beautiful singer and song composer, Aima Baig appeared on Nida Yasir’s show “Good Morning Pakistan”. The interview was full of exciting talks about the life of Aima. The singer was asked about her relationship with Shahbaz Shigri.

Aima and Shahbaz are very open about their bond. Often, we see Aima and Shahbaz clicking pictures of each other and uploading it on Instagram. Both talented artists look amazing with each other and many people ship them both.

Nida asked about the rumors about these two, on which Baig she said, “Yes, the rumor is true that we’re together….we vibe really well. Actually, I met Shahbaz while I was recording song for his movie Parey Hut Love…..He’s so comfortable to be around…..like even if he’s not making you comfortable, his vibe is such that it makes you comfortable. He’s so mellow, I have never seen him fighting with anybody.

Fighting what? Even when he’s arguing, he’s so calm and composed…You know these are things I look up to in a man!

When Aima was asked about her marriage, she replied with a happy mood, “Let me grow up a little more, just a little more!”

Everybody loves them together so do we. Good wishes and a lot of prayers to them!!