Load Wedding VS Raksha Bandhan

Akshay Kumar’s latest Raksha Bandhan movie is a copied version of Fahad Mustafa’s megahit Load Wedding. You may find it odd, but Bollywood is copying Pakistani content. It’s not new because copyright infringements are very common in India. The big players in the Indian media industry don’t bother to give the right credit or get copyrights, they just copy and let it be. There are various examples that we’re certainly going to share with you.

Load Wedding and Raksha Bandhan

Isn’t Raksha Bandhan a Carbon-copy of Load Wedding?

Load Wedding and Raksha Bandhan

Starting with the plot, both films featured a young man struggling with societal norms to get married. Having an unwed sister at home means the boy of the house can’t walk down the aisle. The middle-class income doesn’t allow to arrange dowry or bear the marriage costs. Besides that, the beloved’s rants become unmanageable for the lone soul. Plus, most of the scenes in Akshay’s upcoming film were already depicted in Fahad’s movie. It’s what the Indian audience gets in name of “Made in India” content.


Load Wedding is Just Another Case of Copyright Infringement

It looks like Indian media love copying Pakistani content. This film isn’t the first one to get copied. If you recall, Shahid Kapoor’s “Batti Gul Meter Chalu” had also copied scenes from Actor in Law. Also, Salman Khan’s “Bajrangi Bhaijan” had a copied Qawali song of Amjad Sabri. A viral scene of Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab was added to the film. Even when this story was developing, the trailer of Varun Dhawan’s “Jug Jugg Jeo” featured the Nach Panjaban song by Abrar.

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