Mahira Khan Poured Her Heart Out While Talking About Her Father

Queen of Lollywood, stunning Mahira Khan found to be praising her father. In an interview with Samina Peerzada, she shared some lovely talks about her father and mother. She showed immense love and gratitude for her father.

Raees actress shared that her home was famous for sleepovers where everyone liked to come and stay. She used to call her friends for sleepovers. Khan told that her father is famous for being kind and friendly and whenever, she would wake him up at any hour of the night, he without a single word, would go to the kitchen and make breakfast for her friends of their choice. She has, no doubt, a caring father!

On the other hand, Mahira shared how her mother was so strict. Her mother usually made her study the whole day. She drew a whole scene of the room where she was made to study. Khan shared that one day, she was watching her brother and cousin playing outside, and she refused to study. Her mother, being a desi mom, blackmailed her to put her fav yellow dress on fire if she wouldn’t study. This made host and Mahira burst in laugh.

Whatever the case, we can see Mahira shares a special bond with her parents. She always posts on Instagram about her parents every time with a different story and scene which is full of respect, fun, and gratitude. Love to see that!