Mann Mayal’s New Episode made their parents Divided

We all left the drama when Mikael’s parents raided the place where he is involved in bad activities. Mikael in the midst of drugs told them to leave as they are spoiling his image and respect in front of his friends and everyone. His father fueled with rage tries to slap when Mikael stops him and replies so much that his father isn’t even left with answers. The former replies that he won’t leave without the money he gave him for business. Mikael tells him that this is no money and he knows that all the anguish is just about the money they gave him. He also tells them they should leave by themselves with dignity or else he will have to throw them out and he practically did.

Both the parents lament of their upbringing while on their way to home. Both blame themselves for what they have done to their son. He also tells her that he had taken loan for his sake. Just in the ranting, both lost control of their car and passed away.

On the other hand Jeena indirectly asks about the advices of the guy who love girls. She says that in the obstacle of her boyfriend and asks all about Salahuddin’s choices. Jeena buys tons of clothes with his likings. Next day she dress like what he wanted and gets dishearten when he doesn’t even notices.

On the other hand, Mannu is devastated when her in laws are about to be buried. Salahuddin also comes and see the torn Mannu. Jeena also ask about where Salahaddin and comes to know about Mannu. Mikael also leaves the entire family saying that he has work when he has actually nothing to do. Salahuddin also cries about the event and thinks about the devastation he has done while marrying Mannu to Mikael.

And as Mann Mayal begins again Manu is talking with her family and mother when everyone forces her that she should be with Mikael. She ignores the outcome by saying that he must be with friends. Later, she calls and asks that he should be home now as everyone is waiting for him and he should be here to meet them. The furious Mikael told her that he doesn’t like to sit amongst so many people or she should book a room for them if there are problems. Manu tells her mother that she should leave now as there is no need now.

On the other side, Jeena comes to Salahuddin’s home and calls him telling that his guard isn’t allowing her to enter. The latter asks her why she is here in such a late of an hour and she tells that she has some purpose. Jeena tells him that she has brought him breakfast as he has not eaten anything since the previous day. She says that there is nothing wrong in eating together. Salahuddin feels agitated and says that she shouldn’t just come home and do the breakfast. She also tells him that she is here because she had a nightmare in which he was asking for help. Salahuddin tells her that it is for the last time she is doing anything for him. Both do the breakfast together when Jeena asks how she is looking in the clothes she has worn. He tells her that she is looking good and to her question says that she is beautiful and she shouldn’t change herself for any guy.

Jeena also shows Salahuddin the pictures of Bia’s daughter. He feels happy be seeing his niece pictures in funny poses, she also tells him that she is in constant contact with them and sends them the gifts too. The episode also shows the increasing Jeena’s love for him.

Coming to the Mannu family, she tells Mikael that their parents are no more and he should be responsible and lethal about the family now. She tells him that they have to be legit and reasonable now as the elders are no more. He replies that they are dead because of her and she shouldn’t act well. Mikael constantly nags her that she is the one who told her parents everything and he lost her. Mannu is left dishearten by all the talk.

The flip side and Mannu comes to Salahuddin’s office with the sudden realization that struck her. She says that her in laws are dead because he told them about the Mikael’s habits. Salahuddin denies the entire accusation. Mannu cries and tells that even when Mikael and his habits were wrong they were important and elderly position for him. She also says that he is the one who always does that and leaves her in the mud and problems always. Mannu also says that everything around him has changed the way, the people and the lifestyle. He replies that nothing about his character has changed. Mannu doesn’t agree and says that he has to leave her alone and she has to live a life of peace. The intense conversation continues with more accusations and justifications. Salahuddin ensures Mannu that no one can do badly to her. She replies that he is enough to destroy her life.

Salhuddin is pondering over his conversation with Mannu when Jeena comes and asks about what happened as she saw the lady and she was extremely angry. Salahuddin leaves the work Jeena was here for and she leaves.

Mannu is also thinking about the conversation when she has dreams about both her in laws and she vehemently cries. Jamil asks Salahuddin about what he will do now after Mannu is extremely angry. He tells him that he will try investing on her business so something gets better for her as she was extremely depressed. Salahuddin tells him that he will try rigging the game with Mikale when Jamil says that he won’t let him destroy his self just for the sake of Mannu. Both argue over the matter and about the things he should or shouldn’t do. Jamil is stunned with the love Salahuddin has for Mannu even after years of her marriage. Jeena hears about all the plans Salahuddin is making to help Manny get through life.

Let’s see what twist next episode holds!