Mannu’s Family Thank Salahuddin For Helping

As the new episode opens, all of the Mannu’s family is thanking and faithfully pleading to Salahuddin for helping Mannu in her most difficult time and finding out the time to take her to Hyderabad to meet her father. But, Mannu negates going back and says that she wants to stay there. Her mother tells her that she explained why she couldn’t stay here and they will pick her back as soon as her father is fine.
Everyone tries to reason Mannu but she tries to fight and pick out a fight with everyone. They all tell her that she has been divorced and if their father comes to know this now he won’t survive. Finally, her mother consoles her and tells her that she should go for the sake of her children.
Now they also ask Salahuddin that whether he is married or not. But he says that he is only engaged and Jeena isn’t living with them. On the other hand, Jeena comes to Jamil with cups of tea and asks why he said to leave Salahuddin. They both have an intense conversation about love, longing. Jamil is somewhat being attracted towards Jeena. The tea spills and he helps her to treat because she starts to overreact saying that she has no else to help and console her.
Salahuddin searches for Mannu while she is sitting alone. She tells him that she feels pity on being a woman and is extremely worried about being who she is. She also told him that she used to love being who she was with lots of male fellows to help her grow and survive. She never had to worry about money but after being married, her life has reversed. Mannu continuously repents on being woman and cries that she has no right to take a decision of her life as she is a woman. Salahuddin tries to explain her that she can do anything she wants. But, Manny repents that she has never lived alone and has never been able to understand life as an individual person. She also tells Salahuddin that she doesn’t want to go with him but she will have to because she has no heresy in any matter.
On the other hand, Jeena is trying to complicate her relationship with Jamal who is helping her to cope up with the burnt hand. She tells him that she won’t eat because her hand is burnt and she tastes her medicine in mouth. Jeena also says that she can eat from his hand but not from the maid. He hesitates but agrees to let her eat from his hand. She tries to emotionally blackmail him and in return he succumbs. He lets her eat all the food from his hand when Salahudin calls her and asks about the children and how they are and Mannu thanks him for helping her in the hardest time.
Jeena finally succeeds and Jamal confesses that he can stay her happy and give her a peaceful slot in life. He tries to reason her about the status, class and his marriage but she tells that all she wants is love and nothing else.
Mannu tells Salahuddin that he may go and she can come through flight later. He appreciates and jokes that she is slowly turning out to be bold. She tells that Jeena may be thinking wrong and he should call her. Jeena again acts bold and says that he was being upfront in front of Salahuddin but he actually wanted to spend time with her. She says that he has opened her eyes by explaining her true love is.
Salahuddin calls Jeena and rebukes furiously about her conversation with Mannu’s father and how he gave them an impression about her being his wife. This infuriates Salahuddin who cuts the call due to her stubbornness and over-possessiveness.’
Mannu bids an emotional farewell to her family saying that she feels so alien even in her family. She also says that how unlucky is she to leave her father without meeting him. Mannu sadly repents that she shouldn’t have married to anyone and should have studied so that she could have helped her children during their hard times. But she can do nothing now! The scene turns out to be pretty emotional over the ailing father in between the mother daughter duo.
Coming to the Jeena angle, she tells Jamil that Salahuddin wants to end everything and he crossed the border over his angers. She says that she only wanted to give him intense love and wanted to take his excessive care. Jamil listens to her bickering intensely. She opens her heart out and decides to leave when Jamil says that he won’t let her leave from the house. But he says that he is stopping her for himself not for Salahuddin. He also says that he is married with children and can’t do anything but he wants her to be in his life forever even when she is Salahuddin’s wife.
Bia calls Salahuddin and asks where is he and explains that Jeena is her fiancé and she has every right to say anything she wants. She explains him that nothing can go back to what was before and he should get over her and she doesn’t deserve her now. The conversation leaves Salahuddin infuriated and he tells her how pathetic her mindset is and he can’t believe how she is. He insults her by calling her with mediocre mindset and shuts the call.
Mannu listens to the conversation and ask him about the caller to which he replies and Mannu says that she knows he was talking about her. Mannu also tries to explain him that Jeena lovers him and she must be going through a hard time. She also says Salahuddin to marry Jeena as he has promised to marry her. She also takes a promise from him.
Jamil is going to open Salahuddin and Mannu’s door when Jeena takes a promise that he would stop their break up if such thing happens. Salahuddin sternly asks Jeena how is she and she tells in affirmative but Jamil says that she is not fine and also tells him that she helped him in taking care of the children. Salahuddin appreciates Mannu which leaves her exultant.
Salahuddin hear Mannu laughing with children and knocks her door to which she shuts the door and he asks can he not even meet the children. Mannu takes another promise that he won’t be so overly happy and comforting with children, being who he is Salahuddin takes the promise. However, he doesn’t fulfill it and makes the children happy.
With Jeena and Jamil’s evil plotting and Salahuddin’s mother appearance, let’s see what happens in next episode.