“Marrying You (Nadia) Is An Honor For Me”- Says Faisal Mumtaz Rao

Nadia Khan is one of the “morning show” hosts who also happened to be an actress too. Recently, she tied a knot with Faisal Mumtaz Rao who is a Wing Commander in PAF. The internet had their wedding pictures everywhere. Nadia and her husband were looking so good together on their big. Nadia was wearing a green heavily embroidered long dress.

Currently, actress Nadia Khan is hosting a morning show under PTV Home. In the live show, Nadia took her husband on a call. Faisal Mumtaz had a little chitchat with Nadia Khan and said a lot about her wife. Her husband expressed his love for her in a way that he said that he is honored to marry her. Faisal said that he never thought Allah will bless him this much. He shared that all of his family is very happy having Nadia in their lives. Faisal’s son is also very happy.


Nadia Khan also shared about the scene when she told her that the news of her wedding will make a lot of buzzes. Her mother in law was so supportive, and she was okay with it. She said that they will enjoy the buzzes together.

We are also very happy to hear the news about Nadia’s wedding. May she always be happy with her husband and in-laws!