Mashal Khan Coming As Aleena Ali In The New Web Series!

Mashal Khan got famous for her acting in Suno Chanda. Her character was a lot more diplomatic in the show which made the audience crave to watch her more. She came in other drama serials like Humdum, khaas, and a short film Bridge alongside Hamza Tariq Jamil. The UrduFlix is soon to air her again in the new web series Lifafa Daayan. In the series, she is playing a very dark unconventional role as Aleena Ali.

The teasers are already out, the two of the teasers show Mashal Khan smoking cigarettes and delivering a powerful dialogue that reflects a lot about her character in the series. Now, the platform of UrduFlix which is launched by Emax Media will provide the Pakistan audience with original Urdu drama series, web series, films, movies, cartoons. Moreover, Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu will also be available on the UrduFlix platform.

People are now waiting for the series after watching the teaser of the Lifafa Daayan. Mashal Khan by profession in the web series is an anchorperson.

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