Mawra Hocane Deleted Her Instagram Post After Being Body-Shammed For Losing Too Much Weight

Every other day, we hear such news of celebrities being slammed and body shammed. People do not resist giving their two cents opinion, but nobody knows how much mean and hateful comments can ruin someone’s day and mood.

Recently, Mawra Hocane came under the spotlight for losing too much weight in quarantine. She posted a collage picture of her with a caption “Losing all of my weight & all of my mind #ThankyouQurantine”. The post and caption made everyone king of the ring and everyone started body-shaming her like it’s their right.

People said more than enough to her that we could not even imagine what she must be going through. From calling her ugly to a skeleton and losing her charm now, she has heard it all. When Mawra saw that people are unstoppable, and they are their own Gods, she deleted her post.

The trolling continued and netizens didn’t spare a second to compare her with objects and even animals like a baby giraffe. Many good netizens and human beings came forward to educate “good for nothing” people. They talked and aware people about mental health and how it can be destroyed in seconds due to their mean banters. But, as usual, netizens do what they do, and we can’t do anything about it.
Love and good wishes for Mawra Hocane. Shine your way, and ignore others!!!