Mawra Hocane Marriage Details 

The super-gorgeous starlet Mawra Hocane is still unmarried. She is repeatedly asked about her marriage but always refrains from answering such questions. The fans are eager to know what’s keeping her from marrying someone. In a recent TV interview, Mawra spoke her heart out. She answered all the questions related to her personal life and wedding plans. Continue reading to know more!

Mawra Hocane Marriage

Mawra Hocane Marriage Plans

Mawra Hocane Marriage

In an interview with Nida Yasir, the young actress shared her wedding plans with the fans. Though what she said was not expected, her fans are happy to hear it.


1. When you’ll marry?

To me, life is unexpected, if I tell you that I’m marrying in one or two years it’s not fixed. I don’t know what will happen at the very next minute. I believe Almighty Allah is the best planner, he has pre-planned everything for me. I don’t have any wedding plans for now.


2. Does your mother asks you to marry?

My mother doesn’t force me to marry or force her decisions on me. She supports me and respects my decisions. My mother has always stood by my side.


3. What you would like in your partner?

I think my partner would be the one my mother will approve of. I have got the same expectations from him as every girl. I think mutual respect is important for a relationship to thrive.


4. Is there anything you want from your partner?

I want my partner to understand me and match my personality. I’m a free girl with a broad perspective, I want him to understand me. If he has the same qualities as me, we’ll have a good understanding.



Is Mawra Hocane Marrying Soon?

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Believingly, Mawra is to marry very soon. As she hinted during the interview, within one or two years she’ll marry someone. However, she doesn’t have any compulsion from home to marry early. It means she can delay her wedding until she finds someone of her match.

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