Meera Performs at Times Square for Fundraising

The leading lady of Pakistan’s media industry Meera G has started a fundraising campaign for flood victims back home. She offered live dance performances to the public in return for donations. Around thousands of people gathered at Times Square and Jinnah Avenue to pour in funds for Pakistanis devastated by floods across the country. According to her managers, enough money is raised to feed hundreds of families during these hard times.

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Pakistan, Floods, and Meera G

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Pakistan was hit by extreme Monsoon rains across its length and breadth. Millions of people were stranded under the open sky as their houses got affected. Following the Monsoon, the raising water levels in rivers flushed away entire cities. More than 60 percent land area has been affected by flooding and heavy Monsoon rains across the country. The government machinery isn’t enough to help the millions affectees. The people await help from everyone having capacity.

Meera fundraising at times square for flood victims

Meera being outside the country didn’t leave her brothers and sisters alone. She has decided to collect donations for the victims in her way. To persuade the people to come and make donations, she’s performing live on the streets of New York, USA. Her actions are praised by the masses and netizens from around the world. She has managed to collect large sums of money that could be used to support hundreds of families.


Meera G Live Performance at Times Square

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The super gorgeous starlet attracted a huge audience when she come onto the stage. The entire crowd was chanting her name and stood in support of the people of Pakistan. She also posted her pictures and dance clips on her Instagram handle. The purpose of helping her countrymen is served. We all need to help those suffering in every way possible. With a hope “This Shall too Pass,” we all should stand strong. As a nation we’re one and must stay united.

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