Mehwish Hayat Has Updated Her Crush But Who Is That Luckiest Person?

Mehwish Hayat was binge-watching to the most-viewed show which is Emily In Paris. The story is creating waves on the internet because it revolves around the girl who is achieving her dream of roaming in Paris and loving the city. Well, the story doesn’t end here!

Gabriel aka Lucas Bravo is the star of the show. He is the hero and playing the role of chef and neighbor of Emily. He is a great helper and a lovely person to be around. Now, the story has reached its climax of the twisted relationship of Emily with the hot chef.

So, Mehwish is loving the show and not just the show but the hero Gabriel in the series. She tweeted about how she binged-watched the show and how it is a real breath of fresh air. She is so excited about the second season of Emily in Paris.

“Those who haven’t watched it yet… it’s highly recommended!” – says Mehwish.

She said Lucas Bravo is her updated crush and she is thinking of picking up French Lessons again.

Wow, Mehwish. You have gotten the great taste in men!!