Minal Khan On Sadaf And Shahroz Subzwari’s Couple

pgl0CLD Minal Khan On Sadaf And Shahroz Subzwari’s Couple

It seems like the city is yet not over with the gossips about Sadaf and Shahroz, and people love to have a word about them. First, they came in the catch of typical paparazzi when Shahroz and Saira got separated and then, when Sadaf and Shahroz shared their simple nikkah ceremony photos on Instagram. Keyboard warriors lost their senses and bashed them in every possible way. That was a huge outrage!

Lately, in a show, Minal Khan was asked to share her view about Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Subzwari as a couple and her response was so positive. She said she respects Shahroz a lot. He is a good co-actor who is very kind and supportive. She feels very comfortable when he is around as she has done 3 projects with him. Moreover, he is a good mentor and always comes up with meaningful advice.

Similarly, for Sadaf Kanwal, Minal had the same positivity. She shared that Sadaf is the kindest soul. She always meets her with love and deals with her like Minal is a kid. She shared Sadaf is happy, Shahroz is happy, they both are happy so she doesn’t have anything to do with the recent outrage, and Minal is equally happy for both of them.

We like the attitude Minal Khan carries about private businesses of the people. Glad to hear, she’s speaking for both of them!