Momo’s Heartbreaking Story About Her Unsuccessful Married Life

Hina Dilpazeer aka ‘Momo’ from serial Bulbulay is best known as a comedian queen in the Pakistani industry. recently, she opened up about her married life in an interview “say it all with Iffat Omar”. The actress shocked the world about how broken marital life she survived.

Hina got married in 1992, and it was not a love marriage but a marriage of her choice. Her husband was a good looking guy with everything good in him. The only thing that was lacking in him was his self-confidence, the actress told. Their marriage lasted for a few years and at the age of 23, her husband without any reason divorced her in anger and left his son of 3-4 years old with her.

She was unable to recall anything, but she wished good luck for her ex-husband and further told that it was her fate, and he played his role and taught her so many life lessons. Hina opened up her heart and said nobody from her family and friends supported her, and she faced a lot of criticism from society.

This brave mother raised her son alone and after some time started working in radio plays and later in the showbiz industry. Today, she is a famous actress, host, comedian, and mimicking star and is recognized by her superb performances in Bulbulay, Qudusi sahib ki bewah.