Most Awaited Upcoming Dramas of 2021

The year has turned, and it’s finally 2021; Pakistani drama fans anticipate enjoying newer upcoming dramas this year. The production houses started to promote upcoming drama serials over the last few months of 2020, and the audiences are crazy since then.

This year is going to be very lovey-dovey on TV screens as you will only see romantic soaps year long. So, get ready to witness love in the air this year! We’ve listed the most awaited upcoming Pakistani drama serials of 2021 for you; Have a look.

1. Khuda or Mohabbat – Season 03

2. Raqs -e- Bismil

3. Pehli Si Mohabbat

4. Raqeeb se

5. Dunk

6. Qayamat

7. Dil na umeed to nahi

8. Chupke Chupke

9. Khuwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi

10. Faryad

1. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Khuda or Mohabbat Season 03”

upcoming drama 2021

A sequel of the all-time favorite “Khuda or Mohabbat” is going to be released in 2021, this drama serial is starring the most admired stars from the Pakistani showbiz industry. Recently, the release of OST and teaser of this drama serial become the hot news for audiences, and they are already crazy about it.

2. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Raqs-e-bismil”

upcoming drama 2021

It is going to be a magical and soulful journey watching this drama. The storyline is based on the spiritual drama serial “Alif” with the addition of thrill and deep emotions. If you are a fan of touchy and traditional drama, you should go for it.

3. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Pehli Si Mohabbat”

upcoming Drama 2021

The first look of this drama serial fascinated a large number of audiences; the performance of the cast and storyline looked fabulous. The drama serial will be aired soon in 2021, and the audiences eagerly await its release.

4. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Raqeeb se”

upcoming drama 2021

A love tale to mix love in the air, this drama serial will be a romantic treat for Pakistani drama fans. According to sources, the story will be very heart-warming and feel real. So, get ready to go on a romantic odyssey watching this drama serial.

5. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Dunk”

upcoming drama 2021

It is a mystery-thriller drama serial that will be a must-watch for Pakistani drama fans. The drama serial will cover the untouched mystery-thriller genre, which makes the audiences mad about it. Hold Back! to watch this addition to Pakistani dramas.

6. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Qayamat”

upcoming drama 2021

The inspiration for “Qayamat” may come from 2020, as this drama serial will show you the disasters in love. Again it’s a love tale, but it will be very thrilling for the audiences. The cast and the storyline for this drama serial are a perfect combo – wait and watch!

7. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Dil Na Umeed to Nahi”

upcoming drama 2021

This drama serial is going to address multiple social causes. It’ll provide entertainment to audiences; it also aims to identify some social evils. Unlike the traditional Pakistani dramas, this upcoming drama serial will be a lot more different. So, you should watch and support it.

8. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Chupke Chupke”

upcoming drama 2021

It’s a complete package of unlimited entertainment; the story will be love-filled, humorous, and exciting at the same time. This upcoming drama serial is also starring some new faces in the industry acting along with your favorite stars – Give it a try!

9. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Khuwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi”

upcoupcoming drama 2021

If you are a fantasy lover, this drama serial is for you! The drama serial will take you on a magical journey full of romance and love, and the drama portrays an impossible love story full of confusion and misunderstanding. Take your seat to watch this 2021 upcoming drama serial.

10. Upcoming Drama 2021 – “Faryad”

upcoming drama 2021

“Faryad” is not a typical drama serial; it’s an innovation in the Pakistani drama industry. This drama serial will be strong and bold to show a different side of society. If you are a true Pakistani drama fan, you should watch it!

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