Naila Jaffery Was Attacked In Gilgit Baltistan And Here’s The Reason Why

A video went viral on social media of the scene of Naila Jaffery’s residence in Gilgit Baltistan. The veteran actor is settled there nowadays, but it can be seen in the video that Naila is shouting at the man who is attacking her. But who is this ill-mannered man?

The man is the owner of the house. Naila Jaffery is a cancer patient and her treatment were going on when she reached to Gilgit before all this pandemic. She told that owner of the house with other men came to her place to threaten her. Jaffery had already paid 4 months advanced rent, but he demanded increase in rent or empty his house.

The veteran actress is already facing a lot in this pandemic, she even sent her application to the court to let her stay in this house till pandemic because she was unable to pay this much rent. Naila Jaffery has decided to come back to Karachi, but she is afraid that these people will again attack her house and throw her stuff. She shared that she tried to record the scene, but the owner hit her hand and attackers that came with him pelted stones at her place.

Naila Jaffery was making a show on different herbs and places during her stay in Gilgit Baltistan. She told that it was not only her, but many people are suffering under the jirga system in Gilgit Baltistan. Further, Jaffery said she has nothing to lose as she has cancer, so she doesn’t care about her life.