Newly Launched Drama Serials And Their TRP Ratings

Newly Launched Dramas


Recently, some really promising dramas have been launched on different Pakistani television channels. The casting of the dramas is also very strong and the scripts are very well written. A few episodes have already on aired and audiences have developed an opinion about them. If you still have to watch these dramas keep reading this page. To help you decide if you should watch these dramas or not, here are the TRP ratings and a story outline of these dramas.



Sukoon is a newly launched drama that went on air just last week and only, two episodes have gone on air. The story looks promising and it’s really well written. The cast is also really big. The lead includes Sana Javed and Ahsan Khan. It’s a story about how two people who are destined to meet will end up together even when they have never even thought about crossing paths. Sana Javed is playing the role of a beautiful and innocent girl named Aena and Ahsan Khan is playing the role of a responsible, rich boy named Hamdan.

The two episodes were able to catch the attention of the audience. The drama was able to be a part of the top on-air dramas. It got around 5 million views on YouTube. Its TRP rating for the week is 7.6.

Mannat Murad


Mannat Murad has already aired 7 episodes as it comes on air two days a week. This newly launched drama is about a boy and a girl who come from very different backgrounds falling in love with each other and fighting all odds. Talha Chauhour is playing the role of Murad who is the only brother of four sisters and a son of a very possessive single mother. The role of his mother is played by Irsa who is doing an extraordinary job at her role. On the other hand, Iqra Aziz is playing the role of Mannat who is the only youngest sister of four brothers. Mannat is very loved and spoiled by her brothers and very confident too.

We still have to see how Murad will convince his mother of a love marriage, which she is very against, and how Mannat will adjust to such a possessive mother-in-law. The drama is interesting and has an angle of humor, romance, and emotions to it.

The drama got 5.6 million views on YouTube and the TRP rating of the drama is 5.3.

Bay Lagaam


Bay Lagaam went on air on 13th October 2023. Its episode goes on air daily, so it is already 7episodes down. The cast includes Tuba Anwar, Laiba Khan, Ali Abbas, and Haroon Shahid. This drama highlights the effect of social media on people’s lives. It’s a story about a girl desperate for fame through social media and the steps she takes to get to that desired fame. A girl, Ramsha, wants to be an influencer and how this desire affects her and the people around her lives. The lead role of Ramsha is performed by Laiba Khan.

The drama got a TRP rating of 4.7 in the first week of the drama being on air.

Dil Hi Tou Hai


Dil Hi Tou Hai, another newly launched drama, went on air on 8th October 2023. Its episode goes on air every day. Audiences have watched 10 episodes already. The cast of the drama includes Ali Ansari, Zoya Nasir, Maria Malik, and Hammad Sohail. It’s a story of love, misfortune, and a twist of fate. Ali Ansari plays the role of a lovable, sensible boy named Moeed who loves Abeera. The role of Abeera is played by Zoya Nasir who is a headstrong girl and likes the things to go her way. Maria Malik is playing the role of a simple, sweet girl, Sabrina. Sabrina is engaged to a rich and successful guy named Sarmad, played by Hammad Sohail. Soon fate plays its role and the circumstances between Abeera and Moeed change. The friendship between Moeed and Sabrina turns to love.

The drama is going successful and got the TRP rating of 5.8 this week.

Ishq Murshid


Ishq Murshid is a new addition to the sweet romantic dramas of Pakistan. The lead cast is very fresh and good-looking, Bilal Abbas and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem. Dur-e-Fishan is playing the role of a girl named Shibra who believes in hard work and can’t tolerate injustice. Bilal Abbas is playing the role of Shahmeer who is a very rich guy and just returned from the US. He falls in love with Shibra at first sight. However, it won’t be easy to impress a girl who doesn’t give any value to money and only likes people who are self-made and hard-working.

The two episodes of the drama have already impressed the audiences and got a TRP rating of 6.6.

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