Nida Yasir In Hot Waters After Inviting 5 Years Old Marwa’s Parent On Her Show

The time has come when we do not care about wrecking people and are concerned about our success. The time has come when we are more concerned about our TRP than someone’s feelings and emotions. The time has come that listening to heart-wrenching news and move on is our daily exercise. But again, the news of little angel Mawra’s death has moved our hearts, and we are united in this tragedy.

On such tragic news, Nida Yasir and his team decided to score ratings by inviting Marwa’s parents on the show. What could get worse than Nida asking his father to tell this horrific sexual assault from the beginning? What on the earth was she thinking that how her parents must be feeling inside when they were asked to tell the whole incident?

The public is demanding PEMRA to look at this act of irresponsibility. Every other day, we see PEMRA banning shows that show insensitive content to the viewers. They are exploiting people’s emotions.

This is the high time that PEMRA should take a step towards such shows and encourage content that promotes knowledge and education in youth.