Noor Jahan’s Daughter Revealed Amazing Facts About Her That Were Never Heard Before!

Noor Jahan, the Lady of Chants was the biggest asset of the Pakistan music industry. From romantic Punjabi songs to patriotism-filled chants, she has given us all. Noor Jahan was also awarded 15 Nigar Awards and Singer of Millennium.

Like Noor Jahan, her children and grandchildren are giving so much to Pakistan. Hina Durrani, the daughter of Madam Noor Jahan, made a video to share an amazing anecdote about her mother.

She shared, “Everybody knows that she was a very famous woman, and she was a very busy as well too, but few people know that she was a lovely housewife. She loved being home and she loved doing things for her children. She loved stitching so when the tailor would come at home, she used to train him herself. Clothe-cutting, cloth stitching, doing Sarees, she used to teach him herself. She liked knitting, she would quickly knit sweaters for us, for father. She loved cleaning, arranging things. She would do wardrobe………but above all, she loved cooking for her children, for her family, for her friends. On holidays, she would cook food and serve herself. Kids used to sit in a line on the table, and she used to feed them. It is one of the fondest memories of my mother, I still think of it. It’s a tradition that I have carried out”

Such wonderful memories Hina has shared of Madam Noor Jahan. We love their family tradition!