Pakistani Big Boss On ARY Digital 

The most-watched Indian reality show “Big Boss” is a massive success. The hype for the show is real, and the fans are literally crazy about it. Recently, a piece of news has surfaced on social media that the Pakistani channel ARY Digital is planning to launch a similar reality show like Big Boss in Pakistan. The public seems to be divided over the topic. However, social media is flooded with speculations and rumors about the show.

Big Boss Ary Digital

It isn’t the first that a reality show is being experimented with within the industry. Bol TV and Geo Entertainment have already brought different shows at different times that never become very successful. The news about Pakistani Big Boss is also hearsay that has taken up the internet. It can be mere speculation because no related person/official has come forward to confirm or at least hint towards the authenticity of the news.


How’ll be the Big Boss in Pakistan?

Big Boss Ary Digital

The makers have kept the project in shadow, it is the hearsay that has created hype on social media platforms. It is very early to talk about the details, theme, and title. If we follow the social media frenzy, the Pakistani version of BigBoss will be a carnival of superstars. The Pakistani audience wants to see their favorite stars as participants in the show. Here are some public speculations on YouTube.

Is Big Boss Really Coming to Pakistan?

Big Boss Ary digital

It isn’t possible to bring the actual show to Pakistan, but a remake can be aired. The creative department of ARY Digital is planning a similar reality show with the same theme and style. However, such plans are daily discussed in every media outlet, it is not necessary that the plan will be executed. It is a mere rumor and speculations making rounds on social media that BigBoss will be produced in Pakistan.

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