Parizaad Chapter 2 in the Offing! 

The most popular TV serial of all time Parizaad is likely to get a sequel. The news has just come out, and the fans can’t even believe it’s happening. To your surprise, the legend writer Hashim Nadeem is apt to write up chapter 2 of Parizad, his best creation. The star writer has penned down every megahit serial you can name. From Khuda Aur Muhabbat, Raqse Bismil, Aik Muhabbat Aur Sahi to Muqaddas, he’s the man behind.


Parizaad Chapter 2 and Hashim Nadeem

Hashim Nadeem Parizaad Season 2

The serial’s story is the brainchild of Hashim Nadeem. He wrote the popular novel titled Parizad in 2014. It was later adapted for dramatization in 2020, and we got the superhit Parizad drama serial. Part two couldn’t be possible without the novel’s chapter two. Thanks to Hashim, he’s taking the time to pen down another gripping story. The expectations are quite high, the fans want a wondrous plot to enjoy the serial to the fullest. Hopefully, the serial’s part two will be in the making very soon. You only need to hold back and get ready for another amazing journey all the way from scratch to gold.


The News About Parizaad Chapter 2

Most people are asking for the news source as the part two shenanigans are getting hyped. The writer Hashim Nadeem put an Instagram story yesterday, and guess what? It was the announcement of chapter two from his side. The story featured a portrait of Parizad captioned with chapter two. The people are asking for season 2 across all social media platforms. And it’s quite possible as the story was left on a cliffhanger, the ending wasn’t the real ending. If you’re still wondering about the authenticity of the news, go check for yourself;

Parizaad Chapter two and Season 2

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