People Are Loving The Pictures Of Shahid Afridi With His Wife Nadia Afridi On Their 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Today marks the 20th wedding Anniversary of Shahid Afridi and wife Nadia Afridi. It is very rare when we see Shahid Afridi sharing his wife’s picture but during their 20 years of marriage, Afridi shared lovely photos of him with Nadia. Not only us, but everyone loved their pictures together.

Their wedding anniversary was celebrated with a backdrop decorated with red balloons and a red velvet cake. The famous cricketer Shahid also shared a picture of him with his wife holding a big bouquet of fresh rose flowers.

Shahid Afridi shared pictures of the wedding anniversary on his Instagram with a caption that he is blessed to have a partner like Nadia who is so caring and understanding and a wonderful mother to his children. He mentioned that he forgot about their wedding anniversary but she still forgave him.

People are loving their couple and the understanding between each other. Shahid and Nadia are parents to five cute daughters. In quarantine, they were blessed with another daughter. Afridi’s daughters are a cute bunch and share a great friendship bond with their father.

Stay happy and together! We love you, Afridi Family!