People Have Run Their Horses On Feroze Khan’s New Picture With A Female Friend!

Feroze Khan is a handsome and talented Pakistani drama actor and model who has gained a big name in the Pakistani showbiz industry in a short time right before his entry. he has been praised a lot for his versatile skills and professionalism. His chocolaty boy looks are everyone’s favorite.

Feroze married Syeda Alizey Fatima, who was a choice of his sisters, in 2018. Later, the couple was blessed with a baby son, and everyone was happy with such big news. Recently, rumors were everywhere that Feroze has parted ways from his wife Alizey which later on clarified by Feroze that if such a thing ever happens, it will be confirmed by his management. Moreover, Feroze stated that his Sheikh, an Islamic scholar has ordered him to join Showbiz again which made people think that this was a very ridiculous statement so far by him.

Now, another thing has made people talk about him again. Feroze recently spotted his female friend and their picture went viral on the internet. Netizens didn’t wait for a second and started criticizing his Sheikh’s teachings. They are questioning this closeness with a female despite Sheikh’s teaching.

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