Phaatak the Web Series for Karachites

Phaatak is an ultimate web series representing the Karachi lifestyle. The third largest city in the world has different vibes that only Karachites can relate to. This series takes you to the darkest streets and the brightest boulevards of the metropolitan. You’ll get to know that it’s not all gold.

Phaatak Web Series Release Date

Phaatak the Dark Tale of Karachi

The series depicts how crime nourishes in the alleyways of the world’s most densely populated city. For years we’ve been hearing about the ruthless underworld, and these series let us see. It’s a crime-thriller based on a dark story that revolves around a drug lord and police cop. Karachi city is presented as a drug capital with soaring crime rates and no law and order. When a small cop tries to hold water from the big fishes everything become horrible for him.


Phaatak Making, Cast, and Release Date

Phaatak Web Series

The series is presented by PikchurTV, a newly launched Pakistani OTT platform. The makers want to produce a variety of Pakistani content in Urdu, Pushto, and Punjabi. This series is the first project for PikchurTV that defines the maker’s objective. According to sources, the series will be released in August 2022. It has five episodes of around twenty-five minutes each.

The series features a star-studded cast including Amna Ilyas, Saleem Meraj, and Sarmed Aftab. The trio is creating a huge hype on social media. Saleem Meraj is a versatile actor that knows how to live a character. His appearance as a lead hints toward a blockbuster coming up. Moreover, Amna Ilyas is the beauty with brain, her exceptional acting skills and good looks are enough to slay the fans.

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