Pyari Mona An Exceptional Drama Serial Coming Up!

We get very few positive TV serials in Pakistan. The Pyari Mona drama serial aims to spread positivity through its persuasive storyline. It tackles the most common social illness in our society relating to body shaming. Such serials do have a lasting impact on the audience, or they at least help to highlight the issue. Pyari Mona features an exceptional story that’ll leave the audience awestruck. The teasers are already out, the hype is getting high, and the fans are eagerly waiting for it to hit the screens.

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Who’s Pyari Mona?

Pyari Mona Drama

Mona is a character you’ll easily find around you. She’s very jolly in nature and greets everyone with a smile on her face. But no one treats her the same way, she’s often bullied and becomes the joke in every gathering. Why? Because Mona is chubby, wears glasses, looks nerdy, and doesn’t has a fashion sense. You may also recall a similar girl around you with this description. Do you know how disheartened girls like Mona are in society? The comments you pass on to them and your chuckles feel like daggers to them.


The Pyari Mona Drama Serial

Pyari Mona Drama Serial

This serial is meant to give voice to girls like Mona in our society. It says a big no to body shaming and raises the slogan ‘Love yourself’ for those who feel trapped in their bodies. The serial stars Sanam Jung as Mona, she’s making a comeback after a long break from TV. Sanam is accompanied by Adeel Hussain as her die-hard lover in the series. The serial is currently in production and will be released on Hum TV.

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