Pyari Mona

Pyari Mona

“Pyari Mona” has quickly risen to fame as the newest sensation in the world of television dramas, ready to be broadcast on the renowned Hum TV. While the Pakistani drama scene is replete with love stories, the creators of this drama have chosen a novel approach to address the pressing issue of body shaming.

The compelling storyline revolves around a young girl named Mona, who constantly endures body shaming due to her fuller figure. Her perception of beauty does not conform to society’s traditional standards. The versatile Sanam Jung, known for her roles as a host, actor, model, and mother, deftly portrays the character of Mona. In addition, the cast includes talented actors like Adeel Husain and Muhammad Hunbal, adding depth to the narrative.

Respected professionals Haseeb Ahmed and Abdullah Badini have teamed up to write and direct this pioneering drama series, respectively. Additionally, “Pyari Mona” boasts an impressive production team, including Ali Hassan and Momina Duraid Production. The participation of these industry giants has undoubtedly created significant excitement and anticipation.

The eagerly awaited show premiered on Hum TV on January 19, 2023. If you’re keen to plunge into this riveting drama that highlights the widespread but often neglected issue of body shaming, feel free to CLICK HERE. Embark on this emotional and transformative journey with Mona and the rest of the talented cast. Experience how “Pyari Mona” challenges societal norms, redefines beauty, and provides a powerful and captivating viewing experience.

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