Sajal Aly to Star in As Fatima Jinnah

A TV series based on the life of Mother of Nation, Fatima Jinnah, is in the making. The series will feature Sajal Aly as Miss Jinnah. It is to be announced on the Independence Day of Pakistan on the 14th of August 2022. No doubt, Miss Jinnah played an important role in the independence of Pakistan from the British Raj. She was a woman of courage regarded as a nation builder.

Sajal Aly as Fatima Jinnah im her Biopic

Sajal Aly to Play Fatima Jinnah’s Character

Sajal Aly as Fatima Jinnah in her Biopic

The gorgeous starlet Sajal is handpicked to play the role of Miss Jinnah in her biopic series. Her attributes fit in with Miss Jinnah’s bold personality. Interestingly, there are three selections to portray Fatimah Jinnah’s character. The series is divided into three parts. The pre-partition era, the time of partition, and the early years of post-partition are depicted in each part. Along with Sajal, the other two actresses are Sundus Farhan and Samiya Mumtaz. They will also be seen essaying Fatimah Jinnah’s character.



Sajal Aly Booked for all 3 Seasons of the Show

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The writer and director of the series Danial K Afzal recently appeared in an interview. He told that the series will run for three seasons and each season will comprise fifteen episodes. When asked about casting Sajal, he said, “Sajal is an international icon, with her film with Jemima coming in and there’s a lot of big projects she’s doing.” No doubt, such series’ have a long-lasting impression on the viewers. Sajal is lucky to have the chance to appear in the show.

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