Sang e Mah Ended on a Sad Note! 

Hum TV’s most popular drama serial Sang e Mah finally concluded. The last episode left the audience in tears. Its ending was unusual and very heartbreaking. Most of the viewers were in shock to watch the tragic end of a beautiful story. But overall the serial had been great in everything. The cast played their characters exceptionally well. The viewers invested in the storyline right from the start. No doubt, Sang e Maah was a masterpiece.

Sang e Mah Last Episode

Sang e Mah – An Unforgettable Tragedy

Sang e Mah Last Episode

This phrase sums up the conclusion of the best TV show of all time. Before turning into a tragedy the serial was an absolute wonder. It depicted deep emotions and feelings that hit hard. As far as the ending is concerned, the tragedy didn’t come in disguise to Hilmand. Very sadly, Haji Marjaan and Zarsanga got killed. Their death became the worst thing to occur in the plot. The fans couldn’t accept the narrative behind showcasing such tragedy.


Hilmand and Sheherzad After Sang e Mah Ended

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With the ending, Hilmand and Sheherzad could be seen leading a happy life together. Both characters will live in the hearts of fans forever. Atif Aslam looked like a seasoned actor throughout his debut serial. And Kubra Khan once again managed to win hearts with her expressions and character-play. The two did a great job and gave their best performances. If there was any good in the ending of Sang e Maah, it was Hilmand and Sheherzad.

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