Sinf e Aahan Drama BTS Pictures

The most-awaited ISPR presentation for 2021, the Sinf e Aahan drama serial is all set to release soon. We’ve collected some BTS pictures to have a sneak peek into the ongoing recording. After Ehd-e-Wafa last year, this is the next big thing to hit screens. It is featuring a star-studded cast together with a talented off-screen crew. The story and cast are a no match. You’ll get to see top stars from the industry exhibiting the best of their talents.

sinf e aahan DRAMA

Sinf-e-Ahan translates to “Iron Girl” the title highlights the ideology behind the serial. As ISPR projects represent the army lifestyle in Pakistan, the serial is also made to showcase women’s life in the military institutes of Pakistan. Ehd-e-Wafa has already become the superhit of all time, it was an ISPR presentation too. Hopefully, this serial will win hearts once again.

sinf e aahan DRAMA

Glimpses of Sinf e Aahan Drama

Sinf e Aahan Drama

The serial is starring Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, and Syra Yousuf in the lead roles. The starlets will be joined by Sheheryar Munawar, Ali Rehman, and Usman Mukhtar. Isn’t it too much talent on one set? This is the one thing that makes the serial so special, the storyline and plot are like cherry-on-top for audiences.

The storyline is based on the life of female cadets during their training in military academies. The serial depicts the struggle phase, training phase, and change in lifestyle of girls who join the military. It is to raise awareness about the role of women in the Pakistan army. Above all, the serial is fun-filled, it is packed with entertainment to help you have a good time watching it with friends and family.


Here are the pictures from the set of Sinf-e-Ahan; 

Sinf e Aahan Drama Sinf e Aahan Drama Sinf e Aahan Drama

Sinf e Aahan Drama Release Date

The serial will release in the month of September 2021. Things are being finalized to air the serial as soon as possible. The trailer will be shared in the coming two weeks followed by some teasers. The fans can’t wait anymore to watch the serial, the demand is high now!

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