Some People Didn’t Even Spare Little Amal’s Birthday Bash!

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt celebrated their daughter Amal’s birthday. The birthday theme was so colorful and soft, it looked so soothing to the eyes. Little angel, Amal was looking so much cute and pretty in her flamingo-themed frock.

As a star child, Amal always grabs attention and also because of her unique beautiful genes. She is everyone’s heart. Her 1st birthday was made memorable with the whole space being decorated with everything necessary, from balloons to cake to a beautiful backdrop! Well, this isn’t just it. There are black sheep in our society, and they are attention-mongers that do things to get celebrities’ attention!

When the birthday pictures were uploaded on Instagram, these attention-mongers didn’t even spare a little angel and talked dirty about her clothing. People started criticizing Aiman for dressing her daughter cheaply and spending a lot of money only on such poor decorations and backdrops, instead of feeding the poor.

Aiman didn’t stay quiet and called out a troll for talking shit about her daughter. She gave a shut-up call to a commentator with, “I can see who’s scum here that talking such thing about a little girl. Shame on people like you”

Parents do a lot for their kids, and people reach out to them to talk bad things about them and their kids! The audacity!
Aiman, let the haters bark, and you do your thing!