Sonu Nigam Gives A Heartfelt Message To Young Singer Hadiya

Versatile singer whom we grew up listening to, praised and sent a heartfelt message to young singer Hadiya Hashmi. This happened when Sonu Nigam came across Nescafe Basement’s “Bol Hu” by Soch Band.

Indian singer Nigam said that the song has touched his song immensely. He has listened to such a song and vocals after a long time. Sonu Nigam loved the song, its lyrics, and Hadiya’s voice. He cried badly while listening to the song and he had been listening to it on repeat. He said God bless the Soch band, Hadiya, and the composer and lyricist of the song.

“Bol hu” song was a hot-seat song of last year, and Hadiya won many hearts with her soulful voice. Her voice is so powerful that it has shaken up brilliant singers including Sonu Nigam. Nigam said that he came across this song before but didn’t concentrate until Javed Jaffery recommended it to him again.

Sonu’s message is a motivation for young singers like Hadiya to grow their interest more in singing and make us proud around the globe!