Spoiler Alert, But You Won’t Look At The Nihari The Same Way Again After Watching Churails

Churails is a total 10-episode mini web series currently airing on Zee5. The story is of four women who are on the move to expose unloyal and cheating husbands in the elite society by forming an undercover detective agency. The series is directed by Asim Abbasi who, all in all, has done well with the cast of talented ladies like Sarwat Gillani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha, and Meherbano.

This Pakistani web series was started airing on 11 August and till now many people are appreciating and many people are criticizing it for their own good reasons.

The director Asim Abbasi tweeted, “#Churails no longer belongs to me. It now belongs to everyone who is consuming it – the awaam and the critics. And they are all entitled to an opinion. It took a lot to get this out to everyone, and now if it doesn’t spark constructive talk, it fails in its purpose.”

Now comes the dark and spunky part of the series. In one of the episodes, a horrific scene is shown where a woman murders her husband and chops his leg off to make nihari with it. This certain act is making the audience change their thoughts about their fav dish which is ruined and disgusted on so many levels in the series.

This is what the director has to say, “ My sincere apologies to all Nihari fans. Though maybe a little less meat will do us all some good.
#Churails #ChurailsOnZEE5”

Even the Senior Journalist/Entertainment Reporter at @bbcasiannetwork @bbcnews Haroon Rashid tweeted this after watching Chhurails. He said, “I will never be able to eat Nihari in the same way. #Churails @IllicitusProduc @ZEE5Europe”
Have you watched the show? What do you think about this moment of shattering the eternal love for Nihari in pieces??