Super Punjabi Movie in the Making! 

Renowned director Abu Aleeha is bringing another movie titled ‘Super Punjabi’ for his fans. His previous megahit Maula Jutt is still ruling the big screen. This time he’s producing a typical Punjabi comedy film. The cast and the storyline have already been finalized and the film is currently in the making. Abu is both the director and the writer of the film, he has handpicked the cast and set the plot accordingly. The film is sure to win your heart.

Super Punjabi Movie

Abu Aleeha’s Inspiration for Super Punjabi

Abu is working on the revival of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan. He’s producing remastered versions of superhit films from the 80s and 90s. The recently released Maula Jutt is one of his contemporary works. His previous Punjabi film Shot Cut with Juggun Kazim and Gohar Rasheed was also a major success. He’s once again trying to come up with something unique. The cast for this film and particularly the genre complement each other. Hopefully, it’ll live up to the expectations.


Super Punjabi Cast, Story, and Release Date

Super Punjabi Movie

The film features a star-studded cast including Sana Fakhar, Saima Baloch Mohsin Abbas Haider, Adnan Shah Tipu, and Saqib Sumeer. To your surprise, Rajjo (Saima Baloch) from Maula Jutt is back in another avatar. The film’s story is based on a home-style comedy with a pinch of romance. As far as release is concerned, it doesn’t seem to be any near. The film is in the early production phase, but we’re looking forward to seeing the first look soon.

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