The scandal star “Hareem Shah” is starring in a web series

The TikTok star Hareem Shah always grabs attention because of her sensational TikTok videos. And this time, she becomes the hot news in view of her appearance in an upcoming web series.

Is it going to be a blunder or wonder? The audience awaits.

Being an actress can be a wild goose chase for Hareem Shah. Most of us know well about her colorful personality, but not much about her acting skills. We will soon witness what Hareem Shah has to show after the web series is released.

Is she really fit for the screen? The answer to this question is quite unpredictable, like Hareem herself. Moreover, the story and cast of the web series are still clouded, but social media is full of speculations already.

Hareem Shah

Adding more to this news, Hareem has signed the web series project with span-new production house UrduFlix. Let’s see what surprises this new collaboration will bring – Stay tuned on