The Secrets Unveiled In Mann Mayal Today!

Mann Mayal is no doubt one of the best and the most watched drama serial of Television industry. The drama has changed in nature and the crispy turn always wonders you. This time around the drama continued with Mannu’s family on a picnic when suddenly her child, Zain, disappears. Salahuddin, who is secretively their watches the kid and catches him. Ignoring the sudden attention of being captured he directs the kid towards his grandmother and soon the tension is diffused.

On the other hand, Jeena leaves no opportunity to impress Salahuddin and to make a place in his heart. She orders the food for him and tells that it is for him so that he could relax and eat. Salahuddin expresses his agitation towards her and tells her that is was of need. As he went to eat, the clever Jeena has ordered the food for two so that she can spend some quality time with him. Salhuddin calls and asks her that she has ordered the food for two so she has to join him for the serve, no matter what.

Coming to Mannu, she talks to her family after a long time. The reason of the call is the inspiration of Salahuddin, who talks to her as an imposter of Guru. The entire family of her cherishes for the call and she is also happy to talk to them after so long. Coming to the Jeena once again, she works so hard to get a single sight from Salahuddin. From arranging tea to serving supper with it, she lets no opportunity go away. When she sees that no servant has sent him anything to eat she makes a tea and sandwiches for him.

Mannu, on the flip side, is just wandering around the house when she sees the door of the servant quarter open. Paving the sight there, she sees that the bed is filled with different office files and a furnished, expensive laptop. There comes crashing down the reality upon her and she understand that what must have happened since so long. Just then, Jamil enters and see her wandering out and about. He hesitates but Manny angrily tells him to open the laptop. As soon as he opens, she tells him to go to the picture folder and as such all of the reality is unveiled and Manny knows that she has been fooled by Salahuddin.

Followed by Jamil, Mannu enters into the office of Salahuddin. He, on the other hand, is oblivion of Mannu’s presence and tells Jamil that he has to find and make a list of some of the very good schools of Karachi so that Mannu can get an admission for her child. Mannu enters and Salahuddin is hooked up in shock. She angrily shouts at him and told him that he has no right to do this spying and everything on her. Mannu also alleged him that he has been involved with the illegal means and work and he shouldn’t expose that all on her. Salahuddin tells her that all he has done was to protect and to take care of her. When Mannu asked that why he would think of helping her, he says that her husband left her to die and he had to help her. Mannu shouts that he shouldn’t even think about her even if she is dying. Leaving broken Salahuddin, Manny walks away and tells Jamil that he has nothing to do with her house again.

Just when Mannu is about to leave Jeena clashes with her and apologizes. On her usual Salahuddin related curiosity, Jeena asks Jamil about the whereabouts of the girl and he denies saying that she must be some old relative of the boss and she shouldn’t get intrigued by it. After Mannu comes home, she thinks that Salahuddin has changed a lot and he must be involved with illegal money and drugs. She doesn’t know the background, so only reason of his fame for her is illegal money. She also thinks that he must drink also as he was drinking cigarette. Seeing Jeena, she also thinks that he must be involved with girls too. On asking of her mother-in-law, she tells that Jamil misbehaved this is the reason he threw him out of the job.

Jamil apologizes to Salahuddin about whatever happened but being the generous he is he says that it has nothing to do with his carelessness. Jeena has also developed relations with Salahuddin’s mother in order to impress and to make her place there. She calls and tells her that Salahuddin is alone without her and needs them and their family for support. The conversation went on to his marriage but his mother denies talking anything about his past.

Mannu’s father calls her and asks that she has gotten so away from them. She never even comes to meet them saying that her children are the worry as they go to schools but Mannu neglects the discussion and stops the call away and precautions her father for health.

Mikael’s father is all set to leave when his mother comes and tells him that he shouldn’t follow him as he has gotten out of everything and isn’t involved in anything bad. His father told his mother that he received a call which said that Mikael is involved in cards and games etc, so he is going to prove the caller wrong and his mother tags along too. They reach the supposed workplace and see girls and guys smoking and playing cards when they suddenly saw him too.

Let’s see what’s in and out in the next episode.