TikTok Star Hareem Shah Attacked In Islamabad

The scandal star Hareem Shah who rose to fame through TikTok, was attacked at a flat in Islamabad last week. The attackers are known to Hareem Shah, and the incident is reported to the police. According to sources, Hareem suffered minor injuries and is safe now.

Hareem Shah

Last night, the breaking news about Hareem Shah’s attack surfaced on national news channels and social media. The reports suggest that Hareem was staying at a flat in the vicinity of Golra Sharif Police Station in Islamabad, where the attackers came.

Hareem Shah

The attackers included Hareem’s friend and her accomplice. Initially, both friends had a heated argument, and then things got out of control. Hareem Shah was attacked by her friend and her accomplice present at the place of the incident. Hareem was beaten up bare-handed.

Hareem Shah

The police were called after the incident, and an attempt-to-murder case was registered against the two culprits. The police are busy locating the culprits for arrest.


Who Attacked Hareem Shah?

In the police report, Hareem has said she was attacked by her friend Ayesha Naz and Bahadur Sher. They both came to her flat after threatening to kill her on phone calls. Surprisingly, Hareem had denied the news about the attack on her, but later the police FIR got viral on social.

All the news channels broke the news last night. Hareem also accepted that the incident did happen and that she was attacked in Islamabad. She also said, ‘Thappar Nahi, Joota Bhi Maara’ while talking to a news channel. But people are also asking why she refused to accept the incident initially.

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