Trollers Did Not Even Spare Hande Subasi!

What is this thing people have regarding the personal lives of screen-players? Now, trollers started offending Hande Subasi for her choice of clothing. Hande played the role of Aykiz Hatun in one of the famous dramas across the border “Dirilis: Ertugurl”.

These netizens have only one concern every time and that is “Revealing clothes”. These people need nothing but just attention from these big stars. Hande, recently, gave an interview in which she said those things which need these trollers’ attention.

Hande Sabasi said that her job is to give professional look to every character, every role she does. Her job was to give life Aykiz, and she did it wonderfully. She expressed that giving life to a character does not make her one in real life.

Sabasi told that she likes the support and love of her fans, but she does not like them to get into her personal affairs. They need to stay out of this thing!
Hande Sabasi owns the title of “Miss Turkey”. She is a well-oriented actress and model. Her passion is what keeps her going.

We love you Hande! Just stay focused and ignore haters and trollers.