Tum Kon Piya By Urdu 1 Starred Ayeza Khan

Last week, Mann Mayal had a strong turn when Manu was divorced by Mikael and she was left devastated. Starting this episode, Jeena continuously sticks to Salahuddin and doesn’t want to leave him alone with Mannu fearing that he may marry with her. She tries to question Salahuddin but he tells her that she is going over the top.
Finally succumbing to her insanity and stubbornness, Salahuddin allows Jeena to stay but on his terms that she won’t nag Mannu at all and that the latter can stay as much long as she wants with her children. In return, Jeena asks him to promise that he would marry her to which he just walks away. Salahuddin comes to Mannu and asks if she wants tea or something to which she says that he has to leave her alone as she hates him. Salahuddin says that she has the right to hate him as he has destroyed her entire life. Mannu says that he is the one who has done everything he wants and in return devastated her. She also says that she has no place to go; otherwise she wouldn’t have stayed a minute. Mannu says that she will do everything which infuriates Salahuddin.
Jeena comes to present Mannu the tea and stays behind the door to repent over the two sitting. She, then, comes to Salahuddin and asks whether he is coming to office or not. When he replies in negative, Jeena says that he promised him that he would go to the office to which Salahuddin says that he allowed her to go and not him.
Salahuddin wakes Mannu’s children up jovially as he has made breakfast for the children. Mannu finds it angry and tells him that she will do what his children prefer. Jeena is sulking over the care of Salahuddin when Jamal comes and she says that the former is making fun and playing with him. Jamal says that he is a man of word and he would marry her if he has promised. Jeena says that he looks at her so lovingly and is always irritated with her. Jamal tells her that she is his childhood’s love to which she is deeply upsetted.
Jeenna deeply infuriated by the behavior of Salahuddin confronts him and asks him what is happening. She tries to behave violently with him, this is what traps the latter and he throws the engagement ring at her. Mannu, listening what happened, says them to stop and said that she is leaving. On the other side, Jeena calls Salahuddin’s mother and says that he is going to marry a divorcee, mother of two and she has to stop him. She tries to reason her mother and finally forces her to do something against the act.
Jameel is talking with Salahuddin that all Jeena wants is to marry him. He says that she is bit of insecure and doesn’t trust which is leading to destroy their relationship. Jameel asks what he wants and he says that all he wants is Mannu’s happiness and he will do what she says. Just then Beena calls and tells him all about the scenario and he is deeply left puzzled.
Mannu talks to her phupho and comes to know about her father and his health. She is left broken, she tries to force her phupho that she just has to come there and see his face she won’t say anything at all. But she neglects saying that if someone mistakenly says that in front of him, he will lose his health completely as he in unaware of the divorce issue. Salahuddin listens and consoles her. He also asks if he should marry Jeena or not. He also promises Mannu that he will go Hyderabad to see her father and his health just for her.
Jeena comes and reminds Manny of the promise she has made. She tells Jeena that he has promised her to marry. Jeena sees how many clothes he has brought for Mannu and her children but she stills bids farewell to Salahuddin with love and apologizes for her insecurities, mistrust and possessiveness.
Mannu sees her father all bundles up in wires and machines and loses her calm. Mannu also meets her mother who is broken by her daughter’s pain. On the other hand, Jeena tries to Jamal away from the love of Mannu and Salahuddin by saying that they should have taken her son along with them. She agitates that he isn’t a mere housekeeper. Jamil shoes her away saying that it is his duty and love for them.
Mannu’s mother is cursing the time Mikael’s family came for her hand in marriage and this way all the family comes to know about the potential Mannu’s divorce in front of Salahuddin. Just grab some popcorn and wait to see how this mysteriously love story folds in future episode.