Tum Kon Piya has been dazzling with suspense for so long

Tum Kon Piya has been dazzling with suspense for so long, we all have been wondering if Ilma will ever be able to marry his prince charming or not. Last week, we dropped the drama when Waqar Ali was in conversation with Zafar. As expected, Zafar through twists and turns expressed his desire that the relationship won’t be suitable. He also offers a fast chunk of money to Waqar Ali. The ever graceful Waqar declines the offer and says that no matter what the money would disgrace him.

On the other hand, Ilma’s sisters are day-dreaming about her marriage with Ramish. The unexpected visit of Zafar, a day ago, has stunned the family and they all have a similar thought in mind and that is merely the idea of marriage between the protagonists. Just then, a bubble of chirpy imagination is disturbed when Waqar Ali returns to home and humbly orders Ilma to meet him inside his room, personally.

On the other hand, Zarbab is being constantly haunted from his conversation with Javeria, The poor guy is fearful and is unsure if he wants to marry Jaweria in secret or not. Just then, his mother makes an entry and tries to explain him that he is the eldest among all and she does not want him to do such thing which will take him away from the family. She also tells him about her meet-up with Ilma and explains how a humble, modest and an honorable girl she is. She further claims that he will like her in just a glance. Zarbab’s mother also tells him about a pending visit to the Ilma’s house the next day and she wants him to take the decision at the same time too.

As the scene flips, Waqar Ali is entering into conversation with Ilma. It is apparent that he is strained by what happened at the Zafar house and tries to explain the situation to his daughter. He indirectly tries to explain her that everyone wants to be happy, no matter what, but most important thing of the world is Self-respect, to be contended with ones’ own self. Waqar Ali enforces that even if you are living in the biggest house of the world and you have no respect, you can’t live happily ever. And, in case you live in a small house with tons of people who respect and adore you, you will be the happiest man on the planet. Coming to the point, Waqar said that sometimes we have to drop our love for the sake of respect and circumstances. Ilma honorary reply is that nothing is more important than her’ father’s love and respect. He also asks for the permission if she will allow him to take her life decisions instead of her. Ilma replies in affirmative saying that the decision of her life were always under his hands.

Zafar is in talks with his wife, she is worried if Waqar Ali will back away or not. She is worried if Waqar stood up for his daughter but Zafar relaxed her that the situation is under control. On the other side, Ramish calls his mother and gives her a ring for Ilma, telling her that it is the gift for Ilma’s first visit. He tells her to promise him that everything would be fine on their visit and that everything would end cheerily just because of her.

Next day, Zarbab’s family goes for a visit to Ilma’s house and it seems that the former is already head-over-heels for her. After going inside, both of Ilma’s sisters expressed their anger over the visit telling her that they would not let her marry the new guy as there is nothing more important than this. But, Ilma gloomily replies that her’ fathers’ respect is more important than the love for Ramish.

On the flip scene, Waqar Ali also agrees for the rishta and the other side agrees too. So, a final engagement takes place. Ramish’s mother is getting ready for the visit to Ilma’s house and he appreciates her stance and tells her that he likes them, even when they live in a cramped place it means a world to him. He tells her to be “Ramish Hassan’s mother, not Zafar Hassan’s wife”. On llma’s side everything finalizes leaving her gloomy and Zarbab’s family will soon be ready to swipe her away from the house.

The upset Ilma is sitting on the lawn having an imaginary conversation with Ramish telling him that she has to shut the doors of her heart for him when her sister comes to tell that Ramish’s mother has just come. She tells them that they all know that she has been forced by Ramish to visit their house. She rudely tells Ilma to give her hand so she can tuck the engagement ring. To that, Waqar Ali replies that my daughter isn’t willing to marry with someone who is out of their league. Hearing the answer, she went from the house happily.

Inside the Zarbab house, her sister is happy that his brother is lucky to get engaged with such a beautiful girl. His mother is insecure that Zarbab is already attracted to her so much and she is willing to keep him inside the loop. All the plotting is going on inside the house that Javeria would be stunned to hear about the engagement.

Hearing about the disappointed declining of the engagement, Ramish turns angry and tells her mother that something must be wrong there. Her mother furiously replies that Waqar Ali declined just for the sake of her respect and she doesn’t want to marry a high guy to which Ramish walks away. Zarbab is being forced by Jaweria to marry him the other day. She forces him that he has to marry her the next day, no matter what and that along with money. Zarbab’s mother snatches away the cell phone and tells her about the engagement and soon-to-be marriage. She scolds her a lot and tells her that there would be no relation between them from now on.

Ramish visits Waqar Ali and he tells her that there is nothing more important than her daughter’s respect. He is broken that he had to ditch Ramish but even he loves him a lot he cannot go without her daughter’s sayings. He repeats that they are small people and they cannot think of marrying to someone higher. Ramish asks for the permission if he can meet Ilma or not. With this the episode ends and we have a lot to expect from the upcoming one.