Tum Kon Piya is one of the most emotional and breathtaking drama

Tum Kon Piya is one of the most emotional and breathtaking drama we have managed to see in the industry so far. Imran Abbas’ portrayal of a dejected, love torn man instantly makes one feel depressed about his condition and that clearly is the highlight of today’s episode. The unfortunate love struck man is supposed to marry the person he has no interest in.
What grips Tum Kon Piya above all the other dramas is that it is full of surprises and mind-boggling twists. This can be the main reason why this show stands out from the current pack of dramas and is one of our favorites. In episode 13, Muzaffar’s negative attitude changes towards his son due to the conditions faced, a turn no one could have foreseen.
Muzaffar’s malicious behavior and person clearly witnessed in the previous episode has somehow disappeared and it’s great! And Ramish (played by the good looking Imran Abbas) has decided to get married to Sumbul. As mentioned, he is ready to tie the knot even though he doesn’t like her at all. Both of their personalities, habits and lifestyles are poles apart. We do feel a little sad watching Ramish as he lacks the will to live with this dumb love struck girl; he has clearly taken the decision out of desperation of the outcomes and the things going around his life.
Ilma and Sharafat Begum are still the same. Poor Ilma despite of doing all what is ordered and beign the nicest version of a female is oppressed and Sharafat continues to be the eveil lady and an oppressive mother-in-law. The latter’s constant ranting is also getting pretty annoying now as her antics remain the same. Zarbab tries to protect his wife but it is all in vain and he is unable to soften his mother’s behavior towards her. Zarbab is a sure mama’s boy and he can’t stand firmly against his mother even if it is to protect his new wife against the drastic behavior of hers’.
Its high time Sobia and Arif take some sort of stand and challenge Sharafat, but they both are as oblivious to what is going around as a by-passer can be. The interesting thing to watch out for is Arif and Javeria’s cooperation and how it affects Zarbab and Ilma’s relationship as well as their families at large. Arif, being the snob he is, and Javeria, the comrade ever, are somewhat tying some mysterious relationships in order to provoke much desired controversies by the two.
Arif’s character is quite bothersome and nagging, totally being unbiased and wittingly honest here. Although every single person in the family is rather selfish, Arif breaks all records due to his spite and venom. The guy is ignorant to everyone’s help and his plight and constantly abuses his sister-in-law if he fails or gets late to do anything. Of course, he is backed by his mother!
It’s difficult to watch him constantly form the pillars of pride about how great he is and how he got the job. While it was actually because of his elder brother and Ramish, who helped him out; and he is far from grateful. The portrayal and the representation make us literally angry! But that’s the might of the strong character. Even the meekest character Zarbab was feeling problematic regarding the job of his brother instead of showing concern for Ramish who is in a hospital bed. This leaves Ilma rather stunned and absolutely petrified.
Sobia and Sharafat, again, are the same when it comes to selfish behaviour and its high time Ilma learns how to treat people and how they deserve to be treated. If she wants to come out of misery, she will have to be strong and resilient. Ilma wants to go to her mother’s place for some time to help out with her sister’s wedding but it is pretty obvious that Sharafat will not allow this. His father comes and asks but Sharafat as usual rejects his to which he reply sternly and Zarbab has to intervene in order to send Ilma relaxingly to her home. The news about Ilma’s pregnancy also gets erupted and her sisters are invited by Zarbab to spend some time with her. Another fire for Sharaft Begum.
Imran Abbas becomes the centre of attention of this episode as he sees her long lost love after a lot time and somehow the unfortunate has to faint there. The episode turns a new side to his acting and he is also given the opportunity to really reveal the different shades of his character. But it is Imran Abbas who steals all the limelight in this super twisty episode. He portrays a weary, dejected man so effortlessly that you end up feeling really depressed yourself; but at the same time, he acts very composed in front of Sumbul which shows how strong his character is from within. Both decides about the wedding and how they should distribute the cards
There is a lot more to expect from the next episode with the bright side and the negative side of the super mysterious characters. Stay Tuned!