Tum Kon Piya is one of the most interesting dramas of Pakistani Television

Tum Kon Piya is one of the most interesting dramas of Pakistani Television. With unique concept and interesting story, the drama trivializes the concept of high class loves and interclass marriages.

The drama opens when Jaweria and her mother rush in to the house of Zarbab accusing him of using his daughter for over a year. She says that he spent the time with her daughter with a year and now is planning to marry with someone else. The blame game and the accusations between the two families reach to the peak. Jaweria’s mother threatens Sharafat Begum that she won’t allow the marriage to happen. However, Sharafat begum doesn’t pay consent or heed to the issue.

On the other hand, Ramish asks Ilma if she is happy about the engagement or not. She, as usual, says that nothing in her life is important than her father even if it is his love. Ramish disappointed by her says that he respects her decision and leaves away Ilma vulnerable.

Ramish’s parents are talking to Sumbul’s family about the prospective marriage and how will it go on. Everyone seems excited except Ramish who makes an entry with angst and tells that he is not interested in marrying anytime soon. In fact, he says that he doesn’t plan on marrying and this is the reason he is telling them because he respects them a lot. Leaving everyone stunned, he walks away.

On flip scene, Sharafat calls Fehmida and tells that she should tell Ilma’s family that they want to marry in 15 days. But, she says that she should talk to them and say that some people are pressurizing about the marriage of Zarbab and wants to marry him as soon as he can.

Ramish’s parents infuriated tell him that he has left him of nowhere. He says that he has deeply hurt their self respect in front of the family. Ramish, in return, says that he is responsible for all he do and all the money and status means nothing to him and he should be left alone in his life’s decisions.

Zafar thanks Waqar of what he has done and he modestly denies all that. Zafar asks that he should ask for one more thing, and that is he should marry her as soon as he can, in fact, within a week. He will give him all the money he wants. But Waqar says that he has done everything he can already for his daughter. Acting to the commands, Fehmida tells Waqar Ali that Zarbab’s family wants them to marry as soon as they can. It breaks Ilma so much.

Jaweria comes to Zarbab’s office forcefully to talk to him. She threatens him and takes him away with her. Ramish calls Ilma and apologizes of constantly nagging her and asks if she loves him or not. Ilma tells that whatever is happening is just because of his family and cannot do anything. He offers of leaving her family but Ilma knows that nothing could happen now. The intense conversation between the two love birds continues with Ramish constantly trying to convince Ilma who denies everything just for the sake of her father.

Zarbab tells Jaweria that everything is just because of her mother and he cannot deny her now. Jaweria says that he should have thought about such things when he started the affair. She shouts and speaks against him a lot and tells him that it is the good time that everything has been exposed. She also threatens about the consequences of what he has done. And says that she is not here to cry but to say that she is done and over with him and she is here to tell him that he won’t stay happy just because of his mother.

On the other side, Ilma’s sister asks about what happened on the conversation with Ramish. She tells her everything and says that she can never say no to her father. Her sister says that their father is dishonest with her life but Ilma says that whatever is happening is for the right. Ramish’s mother also tries to console him but he says that he has been defeated by the people he loves who wanted to think about only themselves. Ramish says that he blames no one and is just bound to himself. With tears in his eyes, he asks his mother to leave him alone.

Sharafat Begum fights with her youngest son about the jewelry she has been hiding just because of him when Zarbab comes and gives his mother the money regarding marriage. Zarbab’s brother fights with her mother about the insecurities he have and she tells him that Zarbab respects her that is why she cares him about the most.

Ramish’s mother tells Muzaffar Hassan about the mental state of their children. She tells him that she fears about what will happen if he loses himself. But, Muzaffar says that they are people belonging to business and such things happen and Ramish will get over it. Ramish is reminiscing over the conversation he had with Ilma. He is crying over the constant confession of the Ilma that she is honored about the love but she cannot do anything about it due to his family.

Neha tells their father that Ilma’s in-laws to be are not deserving of her. Waqar scolds her and says that he believes that Ilma is capable of keeping the family intact no matter how they are. Zarbab’s brother and sister come to take the dress for the fittings of the marriage clothes. The ever agitating Arif is stunned by seeing the beauty of Ilma. They also tell him that Zarbab will buy the clothes of his own choice.

Neha and the younger sister are talking about how they don’t like the family of Zarbab and how their sister is so innocent and wouldn’t be able to survive that environment. They are talking about how if they could have done anything to let the two marry but nothing could be done now.

Arif is telling his family that the family of his in-laws isn’t capable of marrying at all. Sharaft Begum says that she is still the owner of family and no one could succeed her. Zarbab meets with an accident but he is fine and his mother is still vague to what happened.

Ramish’s father tries to talk him out of his behavior. But, he constantly neglects that he is selfish and has destroyed his life. Ramish says that he needs to stay alone. Just then, Waqar comes and invite both to the wedding. The drama closes with high turns for the future episode.