Tum Kon Piya’s dazzling new episode has all the heart break and tears in it

Tum Kon Piya’s dazzling new episode has all the heart break and tears in it. The drama opens with Zarbab thinking about the beautiful Ilma and how he is lucky to have her. He dreams about her smiling and in front of him. On the other hand, both the families are busy shopping for to be wedding. And finally comes the day of wedding. Ilma all dressed whining about her bad luck.

Everyone is in the wedding hall when Ramish comes over to Ilma and tells her that she is looking pretty in all those things but her eyes are sad just because of him. He says that she has to leave all the sadness behind her so that he can ponder over something when she is gone. On the other hand, Muzaffar brings a lot of gifts for Ilma to which Waqar Hussain says that there was no need to bring that lot of stuff as he has done everything he could do in his strength for Ilma. Zafar requests to meet Ilma in person.

Muzaffar gives prayers to Ilma and tells her that she may have a happy life. Muzaffar also tells them both that their decision has proven their loyalty and respect and he is in debt for their life and respect. During just those last moments before wedding, Ilma is still lusting over the memories of her and Ramish.

On the flip side, Waqar comes sadly to Ilma and tells her that he has finally fulfillen his duty and handed her over to someone else. He tells her that he is nobody to her now and her in-laws her are her whole family and she has to do everything and to take care of them at all costs. She has to make them happy and love them and give them no opportunity to say any words to her. Waqar also tells that he cannot be her mother and cannot train her like any mother would but she has to give respect to the half upbringing he has done. She has to fulfill all the duties as a wife and never let her husband down. He tells her that he has found the life partner for her as best as he could and if there is something he ever did in way to hurt her and anything bad than she should forgive him. Just then, Ilma’s sister comes and tells them that the Baraat has finally arrived.

Just this way, Ilma signs the Nikkah Nammah with heavy heart and is married to Zarbab. Standing in front of him, Ramish is so gloomy while Ilma cries remembering all the previous moments when Ilma used to cry and he consoled her. In the imaginary discussion she says him to leave as she is also going now. Ilma is being departed with a heavy heart and she couldn’t just summon the energy to leave Ramish behind. She sadly leaves her family and keeps the sane and wise instructions of her father in her mind.

After Ilma is gone all her family members are reminiscing the memories of her and how they used to plan the entire best things about her marriage. Ramish is also thinking about Ilma and his time with her and how he used to think about them as a perfect couple. He cries for all the love and misery he has brought and lost. Ramish still thinks about when she saw her in a bridal dress and sat still when the rain pours in heaviness.

Ilma also in her in-laws house thinks about all the advices her father has given her regarding keeping the family intact with never ending, immense love. On the other hand, Sharafat Begum is talking about how miser her family is as no one gave them a lot of money on marriage to Zarbab. The entire family is ranting about how they have a lot of dowry and how the family plans to leave the in-laws behind and Ilma will take the Zarbab out of the family. Everyone is plotting this thing or that about Zarbab and their family or the bride. Sharaft tells her daughter to send Zarbab to her before he went to see Ilma.

On the other hand, Ramish meets Sumbul in a gym. She asks if they can talk and they meet after a long time. She says that if any boy else would have declined her proposal of marriage then she would have never seen his face again. Upon asking why she is doing this favor for Ramish, she says that she also doesn’t know the reason and she might have something special to think for him. Ramish tells her that he didn’t reject her for the marriage but he entirely rejected the idea of marriage.

On the other side, Sharafat begum, being the insecure she is, tells Zarbab that he shouldn’t fall to his knees on just the first sight of her wife. She tells him that the girls of nowadays her so clever and they tend to make the fun out of family and tells him that he shouldn’t disobey his mother for her. She also says that she should tell her about all the rules of the house and she should know that who is responsible and rules the house and she should be known to all the chores and her duties.

Waqar is remembering about how Zarbab’s mother was taunting everything about food on the eve of marriage. He repents the decision about has she considered something bad with the family. He tells that he has made all the food for them which should be taken for them to the home and they can eat with comfort. Waqar says that he has no son so he has to do all the things alone and there must be lots of things which must have been left and he is sorry for that. He repents and thinks that he has flushed Ilma to hell.

Zarbab comes to Ilma. He says that when he watched her he went heads over heels for her and he has forgotten everything about past and Javeria. He says to her that they have to forget all the things of the past and lead a good happy life with trust and comfort devoid of all the old things. Let’s see how such vows go in the next few episodes