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Tum Kon Piya’s Revels New Turns In Ilma And Ramish’s Purported Marriage Dilemma

Tum Kon Piya has entered into the 5th episode and into an important realm. The twists and the folds are intensifying and the plot seems to be thickening. The marriage dilemma around the both families is twisting and the protagonists are both being forced to marry.

The episode opens up with the discussion between Ramish’s parents who are worried sick of their child’s behavior. Ramish has constantly been forcing his parents to marry him with Ilma, who is unfortunately down class for them. Waqar Ali, Ilma’s father, is the main topic of the discussion. Both the parents are fussing over how the meek employee would take the property away with the help of his daughter.

The scene folds and Ramish went over to meet Ilma. Ilma disappointed with the outcome of situations questions him for his visit. Ramish expresses his love for Ilma once again confessing that he couldn’t even fathom the courage to find reason which keeps him attracting to Ilma. Ilma, on the other hand, sarcastically tell him about their class differences. In reference, the lead tells him how much problem he has to face in order for a single visit. Just then, Waqar Ali makes an entry and allows Ramis the entry to home. In the sad discussion, Ramish confesses his love once again. While, Waqar Ali refuses on the consent that he cares for the respect of his daughter more than anything else and the former’s parents have made that impossible. The latter reveals that Ramish is still a son for him and no other force could contradict that. The confrontation ends with intense emotions.

On the other hand, Zarbab is worried over his Nikah, quite secretively, with Javeria. He cannot find the guts to do it. Arif nudges his brother to tell him why he is sad. He opens up in front of his brother and tells him all about the coming Nikkah. Arif consults him to marry and then divorce if there is any hassle.     Confronts that he was just passing time with Javeria and everything else was just a hoax between two. Arif continuously forces his brother in the name of money to marry.

Sunbul calls Ramish and ask about his health. Ramish, in his usual stern style tries to deject her. He talks about how mentally incompatible they are. The hero clearly dejects how their nature doesn’t match at all and they won’t be comfortable. Sunbul is disappointed by the response and the outcome.

Zarbab’s mother comes to visit Ilma’s house for her hand in marriage. Zarbab’s mother, Sharafat, is satisfied with how Ilma looks and her manners. She asks Ilma about her upbringing as a good guardian for her sisters. She pronounces here decision of favor and asks whenever they want to meet his son.

On a separate note, Zafar visits Waqar Ali’s house. He tries to be cordial with Waqar and tell him to friendly invite him to the house. On the other hand, Sunbul’s mother tells everything to Ramish’s mother and satisfies her that Sunbul will be their soon to be in-law. Her mom tries to explain that they love him with the earnest and couldn’t manage to lose him to a marriage to a plain girl. Ramish continuously invokes her mother that he is a simple person and couldn’t manage to marry some hi-fi girl. His mother unveils that Zafar has gone to visit Ilma’s house and to see Ilma. Not only did Zafar apologize but also invites Waqar to start visiting the office again as he can’t deal to break the relation of years.

Javeria irritates Zarbab that if he isn’t interested in her, he could easily back away as there is no shortage of her rishtas. She asks for 1 lakh rupees and 50 thousand in urgent for all the marriage shopping stuff. Zarbab is head over heels in depression.

Waqar Ali decides to join office again and is impressed by his boss’ behavior of greeting him inside the home. Sunbul talks to her father about her worry over the pair with Ramish. She finds it delirious if they match or make a perfect couple or not. Subul expresses her doubt over the marriage, whilst, his father advises her to meet Ramish and if doesn’t turns out well then she can easily back away from marriage. As the episode folds, Zarbab’s brother reveals everything about his secret marriage to his mother to be in good books.

Waqar Ali joins office once again and Ramish comes to meet him and expresses his utmost happiness for the re-joining once again. He asks about if there is anything that is still haunting him from the past conversation with the Zafar. Ramish also takes permission if he can visit the house or not once again to which Waqar replies in affirmative. True to his word, Ramish visits the house.

Zafar takes Waqar Ali to his house and lets him wait for hours to show the significance and the difference between the classes of two. Zafar turns stern and tells him sarcastically about him Ramish, his son, has been dealing him all along due to his marriage wishes with Ilma. He, indirectly, asks about ways through which he can let Ramish marry his daughter-in-laws sister in a nice way. Waqar Ali, being generous, he his asks to help him in the regard.

Tum Kon Piya’s next episode holds a lot of surprises. Zarbab’s mother tells him about purported marriage proposal, while Ramish gave a ring to his mother for Ilma. On the other hand, Waqar Ali prepares her daughter for the future disaster. Let’s see what future episodes have in store for us.