Turgut Alp Talks About Pakistani Ladies And Biryani

A day without Diliris: Ertugrul is a day wasted! A famous character from the drama, Turgut Alp as known as Cengiz Coskun came in an interview with Waseem Badami and Shahid Afridi for Eid special show to talk about some good things, including Pakistani Ladies and biryani.

Coskun is so excited about the airing of the show in Pakistan. He even thanked PM Imran Khan for suggesting Ertugrul to the Pakistani nation. Cengiz Coskun said that this massive hit of the series was more than his expectations. Further, Waseem Badami questioned him that when did he become aware of his popularity in Pakistan? Coskun answered that he got to know that from Instagram as he got many marriage proposals from Pakistani ladies, but he was afraid to say, “I can’t marry everyone!”

Moreover, Cengiz told that he is familiar with Pakistani food “Biryani”, but he is not sure which one is good, Lahore’s biryani or
Karachi’s. On which, Badami said he would go with Karachi’s biryani as he belongs to Karachi and asked about Shahid Afridi’s opinion. Afridi seconded Waseem’s choice, but Coskun said when he will visit Pakistan, he would try Lahore’s and Karachi’s biryani and decide which one is good.

We are excited for Turgut Alp to come to Pakistan soon and play the biryani challenge!!