Wasim Akram With A Clear Cut Statement For Trolls!

The trolling culture is increasing day by day and some people are a pro at it. They don’t spare anyone, from locals to celebrities. Nowadays, they have a new obsession and that is Waseem Akram. This all started with schooling him on the dressing of his daughter, later schooling him to dress in the swimming pool. Yes, in SWIMMING POOL!!

This is getting out of the hands as our youth is involved in lecturing everyone around but doesn’t spare a second to educate themselves. The former cricket, this time, didn’t stay quiet and tried to shut the trolls. Wasim Akram uploaded a video message on twitter for the trolls and abusers with a caption, “Morning this video is especially for trolls and rude people before everyone says do not reply to them, ignore them sure will do after this one #saturdaymorning #haveablessedday”

In the video, Akram called out trolls on social media and said that whoever abuses is a coward and shows his background. He feels for their elders as these cowards are showing their class. Further, he said that some people also asked him to wear a t-shirt in the pool while swimming, so he sarcastically added, “Next time, I’ll wear a three-piece suit, and even if this isn’t acceptable, I’ll wear a ghagra instead”

Wasim Akram did what he did but he made everyone laugh with his sarcastic joke. We hope trolls learn a thing or two from this statement!