What Did Farhan Saeed Do When He Heard NFAK Live? Let’s Find Out!

Farhan Saeed is a greater singer himself who became an actor as well. This multi-talented singer-cum-actor knows how to choose drama projects wisely such as Udaari and Suno Chanda. He got famous across the border as a singer in Bollywood and now people know him as an actor due to the popularity of Suno Chanda in India.

Farhan Saeed married Urwa Hocane in 2016. Both are a very famous couple in the Pakistan Showbiz industry. They have worked together in the drama Udaari as well.

Coming back to the topic! Farhan Saeed, in an interview, told that he listened to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan live when he was 7-8 years old. He shared that in singers, he loves NFAK the most, and he is not okay with the vibe of listening to him live because it is his biggest regret in life. Farhan told that while listening to Nusrat Sahab singing “Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan”, his Nano cried and he, an ignorant child, started laughing which is why he regrets that moment. And now, whenever he thinks about it, he feels missed out.

Incidents happen but at least, Farhan heard the legend NFAK live which evens his regret!

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