What Secret Merub Ali and Asim Azhar Kept from Fans? 

Merub Ali and Asim Azhar are the new internet sensation. They’ve recently announced their engagement that fans couldn’t even believe. Asim has been subject to criticism because of the famous Hania-and-Asim social media frenzy. It was quite unexpected when he got engaged to someone out of blue after such a huge controversy. Although Meerub was seeing Asim for some time, it looked casual to everyone. No doubt, the two make a beautiful couple and fans love their chemistry.

Asim Azhar Merub Ali

Did Merub Ali and Asim Azhar keep their engagement secret?

The speculations made right after Asim announced Meerub as his fiancée are proving to be correct. Many people noticed that the pictures Asim’s mother had shared with Meerub’s mother in July 2021 were dramatically similar to the pictures Asim shared on his Instagram on 20 March 2022. It was, therefore, speculated that Asim got engaged in 2021 but kept it a secret.

Have a look at both photos and share your opinion:


Merub Ali Discussed her Shared Secret with Asim in an Interview

Merub Ali

What people had thought about Asim and Meerub’s mysterious early engagement may be true. In a recent interview, Meerub’s remarks on keeping her engagement secret clarified many confusions. Talking to the host Meerub said she didn’t want to announce her engagement to Asim. But to clear rumors, they both decided to publicize their relationship. She still thinks it’s their matter and must have been kept secret.

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