Why Hareem Shah Slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi? – The Question

The scandal star Hareem Shah is again in the limelight. In a viral video circulating on social media, the TikTok girl Hareem Shah is seen slapping a religious scholar. The video has triggered huge controversy on social media and around. But the question is, Why Hareem Shah Slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi?

hareem Shah

Over the past few months, Mufti Qavi was repeatedly seen with the scandal star Hareem and all of a sudden, why he got slapped? Social media is already flooded with speculations, and the video has made it to News headlines. Still, the reason behind this controversy is unclear – Let’s dig deeper.

Hareem and Mufti Abdul Qavi have given different statements as night and day. Last night, both appeared on different TV channels to give their statements, which turned out to be a complete mess.

In an interview, Hareem said, “I slapped him because he (Mufti Abdul Qavi) wanted to talk rubbish with me.”

In another interview, Hareem told, Mufti Abdul Qavi was invited to a TV show, he has called her to accommodate him. Things started to change when Mufti Abdul Qavi initiated a vulgar conversation, which she didn’t like.


While Mufti Abdul Qavi said, “I was at my hotel room drinking tea when suddenly Hareem Shah appeared and slapped me on my face,” he also added, “I don’t know why she did that, but she’s like a snake.”

Hareem Shah knows how to stay in headlines, and Mufti Abdul Qavi is pro at handling controversies against him. Isn’t it their collective conspiracy?

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