Yasir Nawaz Had Problems With Alizeh Shah 

Yasir Nawaz is an ace actor in Pakistan’s media industry. Recently, he opened about his experience with Alizeh Shah. According to him, it is difficult to work with Alizeh in drama serials. The actor spoke his heart out while giving an interview together with his wife Nida Yasir, the renowned TV host.

Yasir Nawaz talking about Alizeh Shah

Answering a question from the interviewer, Nida Yasir highlighted that her husband had difficulty working with Alizeh. The interviewer then turned to Yasir to ask about the issues. And he replied that he regrets working with Alizeh. After this conversation hit the internet, it spread like wildfire. Everyone is now talking about the conservative mindset and practices of the media industry.


Why Yasir Nawaz Regrets Working with Alizeh Shah?

yasir Nawaz

Yasir and Alizeh shared the screen in “Mera Dil Mera Dushman” Drama. They both were playing the role of husband and wife in the serial. The drama also got immense popularity, but people didn’t know what was happening off-screen. According to Yasir, he could never understand the psyche of Alizeh that made things difficult for him.

yasir Nawaz

He said when playing a character one should keep real life separate from reel life. But Alizeh couldn’t do it as she was mixing personal life with her character. On this, her wife Nida said, he never had any problem working with different actresses, but Alizeh looks like a special case.


Did something happen between Alizeh Shah and Yasir Nawaz?

yasir Nawaz with alizeh shah

Although nothing happened between the two, the way Yasir reacted to the question about Alizeh make things look suspicious. Maybe Alizeh was trying to be Yasir’s wife in real life too. Or whatever had happened, it is in the past and we can’t unfold mysteries.

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