Youtuber Irfan Junejo Is No More Friends With Ducky Bhai

Youtuber Irfan Junejo who is known for his courteous and soft-spoken personality is fed up with Ducky Bhai’s uncaring and fussy behavior. Recently, Ducky Bhai a.k.a Saad ur Rehman was involved in the controversy of abusing a girl for celebrating 14th august with her dog. She posted a picture on social media in which her dog was wearing a muffler made of Pakistan’s flag around his neck who is like a family to her.

From 14 August, this debate is not ending anywhere that how Ducky Bhai could disrespect a girl and called out her for being unpatriotic and disrespecting Pakistan’s flag when his own Youtube Channel is registered from India. The girl took down her post and apologized also but some ill-mannered people started abusing and giving her death threats. She was harassed to hell for posting such stuff which is normal and a sign of love and loyalty to one’s country.

This divided statements from Netizens and Ducky received severe backlash for his abusive and cunning behavior which could become a reason for something big with a girl as she is continuously receiving death threats and harassing messages.
Finding this, Irfan Junejo could not hold himself back and stated to dissociate with Ducky Bhai. He stated this in his tweets about Saad Ur Rehman

“I don’t have anything personal against Ducky. He’s always been extremely courteous but I cannot condone encouraging violence against women, promoting transphobia and homophobia among other problematic things, even though we have been friends in the past,”
further, he said in his next tweet, “I hereby would like to dissociate myself from him. I wish him the best for his career and hope he realizes the implications his tweets and actions can have.”

It seems Junejo is more concerned about girl’s safety rather than siding with his friend to call out people for being unpatriotic. Irfan has a golden heart and this is what we love!!