YouTuber Zaid Ali Loves To Spoil His Wife Yumnah And We Are Loving It Too!

Zaid Ali T, the famous Canadian-Pakistani Youtuber loves to give his wife Yumnah gifts, flowers, surprises, and everything. Basically, he got married to her at an early age and their love is growing strong with the passage of each day.

Earlier, Zaid surprised Yumnah on her birthday, and she got so overwhelmed with the birthday surprise. He made the whole Vlog of Yumnah’s birthday where she broke down reading a heartfelt letter by husband Zaid. That vlog was so lit that it hit millions of views.

Recently, Zaid has posted on his Instagram a picture of wife Yumnah with a brand-new BMW. And guess what? It’s a gift to Yumnah on nothing so special day. He captioned the picture that he decided to buy Yumnah a new car even though it was not their wedding anniversary nor Yumnah’s birthday, but he loves to spoil her. Further, he wrote that people should not justify before giving something to their loved ones, it is okay to gift them something on normal days just like special days. it makes the relationships strong.

We love the thought of Zaid behind buying Yumnah a car. Congratulations Yumnah on your new car, drive safe!!!